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Swiss-Trac, the high-performance wheelchair tractor

Wheelchair users gain mobility and independence with the Swiss-Trac!
The tractor can be attached to your wheelchair effortlessly in seconds. It helps you get around independently in your everyday life and even overcomes ledges and inclines with ease. What’s more, the Swiss-Trac is easy to transport thanks to its compact design.

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  • Journey through India by wheelchair

    Walter Beutler with his Swiss-Trac in India

    Wheelchair user Walter Beutler toured India for three months. The translator and blogger has now published his varied experiences in a book, complete with stunning photos of his travels.
    But this is no ordinary travel guide – this writer was brave enough to attempt the unconventional and the seemingly impossible.

    The book is available now:
    Mit dem Rollstuhl ans Ende der Welt – Meine Reise durch Indien

  • Swiss-Trac now also at 9 km/h!

    Swiss-Trac now also at 9 km/h!

    We are proud to present the Swiss-Trac SWT–1S. At 9 km/h, this model is faster than the SWT–1 and is therefore the perfect add-on drive for travelling longer distances over predominantly flat terrain. Like the previous model, it is compatible with all commonly used wheelchairs, but is limited to a trailing load of 120 kg.

    Do you want to feel the speed? Contact your specialist dealer for a test drive!